About us

Rodex d.o.o. started as a trade workshop and developed into a modern technological family company with 100 employees. Our program started with simple windings and continued with its high volume serial production. The demands and needs of the market led us to manufacture of exacting products and today we produce various electromechanical and electronic devices.
Due to need of tools, technological devices and automating of production we organised own toolshop and construction. The remaining tool capacities are offered to the market as individual machine work, constructing and CNC programming, tools for technical thermoplastic and plastic parts.

The company Rodex d.o.o. brought its activity as close as possible to your needs and ensures products of best quality in shortest possible deadlines – delivery “right-in-time”. By offering you support from the idea up to the end product we enable you to be more focused on your basic activity and business goals. The satisfaction of our customers tells us we are on the right track.

The vision of the company Rodex d.o.o. is a constant improvement of services and quality, reduction of expenses and an even better responsiveness. Our exquisite work already made us a lasting business partner and system supplier of the biggest European companies. We wish to improve this trend of growth and become one of the most recognizable companies in the world market.

- Vicinity, strategic location
- Quality, quick response, know-how, reliability
- Competitive prices
- System supplier – total solutions
- Delivery time for products from 24 hours
- Delivery “right-in-time”

RODEX d.o.o.
Ljubljanska 24a
4000 Kranj

Phone: +386 4 280 98 80
Fax: +386 4 280 98 81


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